What Makes the Perfect Wedding Venue? The 8 Factors to Consider Before You Book

If you’re a bride and groom starting on your search for a wedding venue, your focus will undoubtedly be on finding somewhere that’s beautiful, elegant and even magical. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, this will be the happiest day of your life.

But while these are all very important, your decision shouldn’t be solely based on them. Being practical may not sound romantic, but imagine planning a different type of event – something not of a romantic nature – and pushing back budget, number of guests and facilities as secondary thoughts. It won’t end in a smoothly-run event.

With that in mind, here are eight of the most important factors to consider before you book your wedding venue:

One – Is the decor to your taste?

Does it fit what you had in mind for flowers and wedding colours? There’s nothing worse than bridesmaids that blends in to the wallpaper or having to spend a fortune just to make the place look right.

Two – Consider the time of year

Some venues look better in the summer, while others are better suited to winter weddings. It may seem like a small consideration now, but on the big day you want a venue that looks just how you imagined it.

Three – Is the hotel to your liking?

Good news, ladies. A wedding isn’t just for one day. In reality, your wedding lasts a few days, especially if you’re hoping to stay at the venue before the big day or on the night itself. If that’s the case you’ll want a venue that not only meets your expectations for the day, but also as a luxury hotel that befits the occasion.

Four – Does the venue provide a wedding planner?

Many wedding venues are affiliated with or provide a wedding planning service. This means you can have someone help realise your wedding day dream from start to finish, rather than taking it all on your shoulders.

Five – Do they have in-house catering?

Using an in-house cater can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it could prove to be the most-effective solution to feeding your guests. But before you book, make sure you’re happy with the food. In other words, ask to taste it first! If you choose to go elsewhere for the food, check that your venue doesn’t have any restrictions in place on who you go with.

Six – Think about photos

A venue with luxurious grounds will lend itself particularly well to beautiful photography. Look around at the scenery, as well as the building itself, and you’ll get a feel for how your wedding memories will look in photographic form.

Seven – How many people are coming?

Not everyone wants a big wedding, so you may be better off finding somewhere more intimate than many of the larger venues on offer. Likewise, if you do want a large and lavish affair, make sure the venue has room for everyone. Asking your Great Aunt if she minds eating in an adjoining room won’t go down well!

Eight – What’s your budget?

They say every girl has imagined her wedding day many times – even before she’s met her husband to be – so expectations are usually very high for the venue. It’s important to be respectful of your budget, but remember that few aspects of the big day will be as important as the location. You may have to prioritise.

In the end, what makes the perfect wedding venue is completely subjective. But make sure it ticks all the boxes for what you need – even the practical boxes – before booking up.