Fall and Winter Ideas For Wedding Bookmark Favors

Brides-to-be who are planning their fall and winter weddings for September through February when will find that Nature is perhaps at its best for stunning shades in rusts and greens and shades of gold for the autumn season and white, silvers and icy blues for the winter season. This is a perfect time of year to let Nature add her vibrant colors to your fall and winter season wedding bookmark favors.

Fall Season Ideas for Wedding Bookmark Favors

Because of the autumn season’s naturally distinctive colors and holidays, wedding favors don’t have to be expensive to look expensive. If your wedding is set for Halloween or Thanksgiving and you’re incorporating some festive decorations, you can create decorative and festive bookmark favors to give your guests with photos of gourds and pumpkins. Or you can design your bookmark favors with Nature’s amazing fall foliage colors in deep greens, reds and golds.

Simply by using your imagination and a little creativity, customized autumn-themed bookmarks for wedding favors are such an classy accent to your wedding d├ęcor and your guests will treasure the care and attention you put into finding these perfectly coordinated favors for your event.

Winter Season Ideas for Wedding Bookmark Favors

Winter weddings can be exquisite and magical, and if you’re planning a winter wedding between the months of December and February, you can create an enchanting winter wedding wonderland with some imagination and help from Mother Nature herself to make your wedding every bit the fairytale wedding dream come true.

For the winter season, go for bookmarks with background scenes of snow and ice covered trees and foliage or decorated chapels. Go for the “ice” effect and create winter themed bookmarks to complement your bridal bouquet. For instance, if you’re looking to create a white and silver “ice” theme, you can choose silk white roses or tulips with faux dew drops on them and have some of them painted in silver. You can offset the bouquet with holly and red berries.

And if you’re planning your event near the Christmas holiday season with festive Christmas arrangements, coordinate your wedding bookmarks to your theme by creating bookmarks with decorative Christmas ornaments.

Other Ideas for the Fall and Winter Seasons

Whether your wedding day is in the autumn or winter, consider capturing an in-season snapshot of the church or place where the ceremony will take place and have that photo as the background for your wedding bookmark favors. Imagine the building with the fall colored trees or ice covered eaves naturally enhancing the outside of the building.

Or maybe the road leading to the property is lined with trees. Whether the leaves have turned into their beautiful rich colors or they’ve fallen and the driveway is now snow-covered, these will make beautifully picturesque photos for your customized bookmarks.

And what a unique gift these will be for your guests as they’ll always remember where you were married and when, and the bookmark will be a memorable keepsake of your wedding day they shared with you.