Childhood Day Dreams and Garden Wedding Favors

Little girls dream of growing up into beautiful women. They spend their childhood frolicking through meadows, daydreaming and playing with flowers from their mother’s garden. They dream of marrying a prince, and becoming princesses of kingdoms not so far away.

While the concepts of these imaginative escapades are almost unfathomable to any adult except those whom are still in touch with their inner child, they experience of such fairy tales are longed for. Imagine that you yourself were still a child, a little girl, and your favorite season is spring time because that is when all of the flowers in the garden bloom. Can you see your prince charming? Are their flowers surrounding you and your knight in shinning armor? Can you see your guests? Of course you can, because deep inside everyone is in tune with their inner child. With spring being your favorite season you obviously choose to have themed spring wedding favors.

If the whole spring theme is unappealing to your inner child then envision yourself with garden wedding favors. These favors are given to your friends that are frolicking with you and your prince in the meadow. Children often enjoy candies, so imagine that you and all of your guests have huge flower shaped lollipops. Imagination and make believe can be fun can’t it? Do you understand why children plays make believe now?

Alas it is important to keep our inner child alive. Although when you grow up, there are certain responsibilities you must take care of it is still possible to stay in tune with your inner child. The key is to prioritize. Although sometimes this may seem to be virtually imposable, rest assured that it can be done. It is not difficult to day dream about our desires. What can be difficult is to make your dreams become a reality. Have no fear though because although it can and will be difficult if attempted, if you put your heart into it you will eventually make your dreams a reality.

It is the innocence of a child which makes their imagination so vivid. Everything to a child is pure and golden, and nothing is impossible. Perhaps this is why some are envious of their imaginative abilities. In a child’s eyes myths are real, unicorns still exist, and leprechauns can be found waiting at the end of every rainbow. Fairy tale weddings are real, just ask any little elementary school girl. Everything you aspire to accomplish succeeds, and in their world of lollipop trees and gumdrop rain, failure is the only thing which is extinct.

Perhaps if more of us were in touch with our inner selves, and encouraged our inner child to flourish, we would all be happy. If Sleeping Beauty were our souls, a poison apple the world, and Robin Hood our since of right from wrong, could you imagine where we would be in life? We surely would not be struggling through life to attain our childhood dreams. When you were a child your dreams changed frequently. Can you remember how many times you changed your mind about what it was you wanted to be when you grew up? It just goes to show that if we could still grasp that purity within ourselves then perhaps regardless of how many times we failed at things on our first try, we would still be happy.