A No-stress Wedding? It’s All in Your Mind!

You want the wedding of your dreams, but the road to it seems to be a nightmare. The quadrillions of details, battling bridesmaids, mother-in-law madness… It can lead to sleepless nights, cranky days, and lots of frayed nerves.

An anxious day or two probably won’t do you in, but prolonged stress can cause real problems. It creates mental tension that can quickly rise to a boil (Bridezilla, anyone?) Stress wreaks havoc on our bodies, lowering our ability to fight illness (and causing wedding-day breakouts and honeymoon colds.) Lingering anxiety can make sleep difficult, which leads to more stress, creating an endless vicious cycle.

Of course, when planning a wedding it’s impossible to completely avoid stress, but there are ways to minimize it and keep it under control. Relaxation is crucial to being able to maintain your peace of mind. Imagine a rubber band: it can be pulled, then return to a relaxed shape, then be pulled again, no problem. Now imagine pulling it, holding on to that tension, then pulling it some more. Eventually it will snap. A person who is relaxed is better equipped to deal with the inevitable pressure, and like the rubber band bounce back quickly.

Take Time for Bliss

The number one mistake women (and men) make in preparing for their wedding is going non-stop. But the truth is, to function well we need downtime. And not just five hours of fitful sleep at night. We also need a break during the day to clear the fog from our brains. If only you could take a vacation… But wait – you can!

Don’t wait for your honeymoon; take a Bliss Trip, a mini-vacation for your mind. Find a quiet place to sit or lie down, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Then imagine yourself in a wonderful luxury retreat, created just for you. Perhaps a sandy beach on a tropical isle (think of the warmth of the sun and the musical crash of the waves.) Or maybe a cozy cabin tucked in the snow is more your style (with a crackling fire and a downy comforter.) Simply imagine yourself experiencing something delightful, something relaxing. A 15-minutes Bliss Trip each day provides many of the same benefits as a real holiday – and you don’t even have to pack!

Be Picture Perfect

Does the idea of standing in front of a crowd of people, even adoring loved-ones, send you into a tizzy? A little mental rehearsal will calm you right down. Simply imagine yourself behaving just as you want, with the situation turning out perfectly. See yourself walking gracefully down the aisle, saying your vows with confidence, feeling calm and having a radiant smile.

Athletes have been using this trick for years. They know that by picturing a certain outcome, say the ball going through the hoop, they are much more likely to achieve exactly what they want. Mentally practice those things you think might be uncomfortable. Imagine them being easy and turning out well and they’ll probably exceed your expectations.

Set the Mood for Love

Some brides and grooms focus so intensely on the details that it’s hard to let go and enjoy themselves. Don’t find yourself fretting about the buffet in the middle of the “I do’s.” Make sure you think about how you want to experience your special day. Close your eyes and spend time reflecting on how you want to feel. Imagine yourself relaxed and full of joy. Focus on that special connection you have with your fiancé. Imagine the support of your family and friends. It’s a lovely way to remind yourself to enjoy the dream that you are turning into reality.


Q. How can I fit a Bliss Trip into my workday?

A. All you need is a place where you can comfortably close your eyes. Bliss on the bus, or sit it in your parked car for a few minutes and picture your imaginary retreat (a sure-fire cure for road rage). Take advantage of a nearby park, or use headphones at your computer to play quiet music. Heck, even the office bathroom works in a pinch.

Q. What if I can’t “see” my wedding? I’ve tried visualization in the past, and it just doesn’t work for me.

A. Remember when you got engaged? Close your eyes and think back on it for a moment. No matter who you are, something will come to mind. Everyone has the ability to create a story in their imagination. Some people do see things almost as if it were a movie, but others may instead get fleeting images, or a feeling, perhaps a song, or flashes of memory. Don’t worry about “seeing;” focus on “experiencing.”

Q. My mind keeps running from my mini-vacation back to my to-do list. What can I do to stay focused on relaxation?

A. Let someone else do the driving! You can use a pre-recorded Bliss Trip CD which leads you through relaxing and fun experiences (like swimming with dolphins, or flying through the clouds). Or take turns with your fiancé playing a tour guide of the imagination and lead each other to distant locals (“Imagine we are floating together in a gondola over the canals of Venice. The sun is shining and there is a light breeze…”) It’s a fun way to share a little time together, and you might get some great ideas for your honeymoon.

Q: There’s just so much to do and so many details. Is there anything I can do when I feel overwhelmed?

A. Yes. Breathe. It sounds simple, but most of us do a poor job of it. Close your eyes and take a full breath down deep in your belly. Let it out and pause for a moment, still sitting with your eyes closed. Take another deep breath, and just notice how your body begins to relax. Take as long as you like, and when your composure is regained open your eyes a face the task-at-hand with a greater sense of calm.

Things To Make You Look Great On Your Wedding Day

1. Choose your dress well in advance. Your dress is one of the most important items in your wedding plans, so make sure you take enough time to choose one that suits you – not your best friend, not your bridesmaids, and not your mother. For the day of your wedding, you’ll want a dress in which you can stand, walk and dance in without worrying about “wardrobe malfunctions” or causing you discomfort. Allow necessary time if you decide on having the dress made, but even if bought “off the rack,” you’ll need to factor in time for tailoring and any adjustments. Choosing a comfortable wedding dress will make you look natural on the wedding day, it also helps the wedding photographers and videographers to capture more great moments. Imagine if the bride has always to worry if her wedding dress will fall, she will not have a natural or pleasant facial expression, and it will make your wedding photographers and videographers have a hard time doing their job to capture the “great” moments.

2. Choose a classic hair style. You don’t want to overpower your dress and headpiece with a flamboyant hair style or color that overwhelms everything else. Keep it simple and classic, and remember to practice the look you want at home or with your stylist before the wedding day. When we recorded a wedding in summer 2011, a bride chose a hair style that her hair covers half of her face. This couple chose to do the outdoor photo/video session by the lake in downtown Toronto. As you can imagine, it is very windy by the lake, her hair flies everywhere…

3. Fix your nails professionally. Have your nails professionally manicured the day before the wedding. This is one thing you don’t want to do too far in advance. Reduce the chances of a broken nail, chipped polish; or, if using applied nails, reduce the risk of having one coming off by having your manicure as late as possible. If you are not inclined toward colored polishes or long fingernails, simply make sure that they are neatly trimmed, filed, polished, and buffed. Your hands will be the focus of attention when showing off that new wedding ring and for photos and video.

4. Enhance your beauty with makeup. Makeup is the last thing you’ll need to worry over. It is done on the big day itself but you should have a test run before this. Don’t try to transform yourself into a different person with dramatic eye makeup or garish lipstick. Simply make the real you look better! This is also going to help you look good on the wedding photos and videos.
• Use a slightly heavier hand than with your usual daytime makeup so that your photos won’t have you appearing washed-out looking, but don’t overdo it. And if your wedding is at night, with more subtle lighting, apply makeup as though you were going to a club or restaurant at night – a little heavier than daytime, but not too much! Avoid deep red lipstick as well as a too-pale pink. Frosted eyeshadows or lipsticks are definite no-nos. Taking your own photo with a digital camera or a camera phone is a good way to check your makeup before the wedding photos and videos.
• Also, if you have sensitive skin, this is not the time to try a new brand. The last thing you want to do is head for the altar with blotches or zits thanks to an allergic reaction.

5. Prepare in advance to feel your best.
• The night before your wedding is not the time for partying, so get eight hours of restful sleep. If you’re having a rehearsal dinner, or a bachelorette bash, make sure that it ends early. Drink moderately or, better yet, not at all. Bloodshot eyes and a banging hangover will not make for a fun wedding.
• Don’t gorge yourself the night before because we all know that there are strange forces at work which will try to make your wedding gown just a wee bit snug in the morning. Let alone the fact that it isn’t so pleasant feeling bloated! To overcome excitement and nerves, try taking a long walk – it can help with pre-nuptial jitters. A relaxing bath with soothing background music, a cup of herbal tea, and you should be ready to doze off with images of a happy future marriage in your dreams.

6. Be yourself. It is absolutely normal to feel awkward when you are surrounded by the wedding photographers and videographers on the big day, especially for those who marry for the first time. Just try to think there is only your and your love when they are taking photos for you. Modern professional photographers and videographers do not take lots of photo when they say “one, two, three, cheese”, instead, like our photographers and videographers, they capture the most natural moment by giving the couple some creative directions and then follow the flow to capture the great moments.

Wedding Party Favors That You Can Be Proud To Give

Wedding party favors are the perfect way to thank your wedding guests who attend and grace the most exciting occasion in your life.

Wedding reception favors have a history. However, today the modern wedding favors are selected in such a way so that along with thanking the wedding guests, they also act as mementos or keepsakes for the wedding guests too.

As they serve this dual purpose, choosing your wedding party favors is a time-consuming, innovative and a creative task to do. Why innovative? It is innovative because it must go with your wedding theme and match your style.

It is a reflection of your personality and imagination. It expresses the message that you wish to convey to your wedding guests.

Since you are selecting the wedding favors for them who you care about and who care for you, this is the perfect opportunity that you take to show your gratitude to them.

They will be witnessing this joyful occasion by being a part of the wedding ceremony. So choosing the most perfect favor is also a tough task. You can keep these tips in mind while considering buying the best and most appropriate wedding reception favors for your guests.

Your favors will reflect your taste and theme of your wedding. Your wedding theme can be beach, Disney, Christmas, pirate, music, you name it. It can be anything and everything your ideas and imagination can take you to.

Match Your Wedding Theme

Be certain to pick your favors according to your wedding theme. For example, if you are having a Christmas wedding theme you should not choose an out-of-place beach-shaped favor for your guests. So, make it memorable and to do that give it your personal touch.

Match Your Wedding Colors

Besides keeping in mind the theme of your wedding, keep in mind the theme colors. Your wedding guest favors should go with the colors of the wedding theme.

For example, if your wedding has a beach theme, you can go with green, blue and yellow colors for your wedding favors. Use colors that are of your choice keeping in mind your wedding theme.

When you have made up your mind what you are going to present to the guests, a very crucial thing needs to be taken into consideration.

Presenting Your Favors

That is the way you are going to package and present your wedding favors. Your job of picking out the right wedding guest favor is incomplete if you have not given thought about how it will be packaged or the way it will look when you are going to present it to your wedding guests.

Some of the wedding favors already come presented in nice boxes and wrappings, but some favors such as do it yourself wedding favors or inexpensive wedding favors will need to be packaged by you.

However, if you can do it on your own using your own imagination, it adds worth and a special charm to your favors because something done with your own hands is different than something that you purchase ready-made!

But make sure that they are not forced and squeezed into smaller packs. When presented correctly they will add to the overall look of the wedding reception decorations when you place them on the reception tables.

The next thing to be considered before buying your wedding favors is the budget. You can always find and buy a favor that will suit your budget.

Cake Toppers – Reflection of Your Style and Imagination

Cake toppers have come to mean the reflection of your style and imagination in the modern times. They are a necessary accessory of any cake ensemble. The main aim behind putting up a cake topper is that it creates the proper mood, gives a definite meaning to the occasion and adds beauty to the cake.Traditionally toppers were used to adorn the wedding cakes but as times changed, the utility of this product also changed. In the present times, cake toppers adorn all types of cakes like the birthday cake, cakes made for children’s party and even the cakes made especially on the occasion of the sixteenth birthday.

The history of the cake toppers can be traced a long way back in the history. It has a rich cultural background that highlights the development of this art form. There are many theories related to the rise of this tradition. According to one, the tradition is so old that it is really very difficult to speculate the origin of this art.

Then some others say that it developed a few hundred years back and relate it to the baker’s daughter’s wedding. She had asked her father to make some kind of love symbol that it would be visible to all at the wedding. So the baker designed the bride and groom figurines and thus the tradition set in.

Another theory goes that these toppers became very popular during the late 19th century. According to one of the articles in the June 2006 edition of the Antique Shoppe Newspaper, “The idea of wedding toppers in general and bride and groom toppers in particular had expanded enough in 1927 for the Sears and Roebuck mail order catalog where it include a whole page of wedding cake ornaments.” This was quoted in relation to the Bride and Groom Cake Toppers and amply signifies the rise of this craft.

The wedding cakes were decorated with small figurines of the bride and the groom in various postures on top of the cake. This was the first stage of its development. After the wedding celebrations were over, these figurines were treasured by the married couple as mementos.

As time changed, the cake toppers too underwent significant changes in forms, size and appearances. Plenty of other options emerged like the silver bells, love birds, doves, cherubs, cupids etc.

Traditionally the bride and groom cake toppers were depicted in formal attire but over the period it has undergone change. Today there are different styles and themes which are being used as cake toppers. There are less formal ones, the comical ones or the ones depending upon the couple’s fantasies and imagination. If we talk about weddings only, then there has been a growing diversity in marriages these days. Multi-ethnic wedding toppers are also available as are same-sex wedding toppers.

Toppers for children’s party can be anything from a cartoon character to some fairy like figurine. There is a growing trend to have one’s own favorite celebrity as the cake topper, whether it is Harry Potter or Hannah Montana. These can be made edible so that the child enjoys eating the cake with his/her favorite celebrity.

Thus, they can vary according to an individual’s choice, taste, imagination and the willingness to have something unique and different on their cake.

A Wedding As a Rite of Passage

Most cultures support a bride as she goes from being a single woman to being a married woman. There are specific rituals, specific actions, and specific people who help her glide through this transition. Those cultures aren’t so concerned with creating a gorgeous event as they are with helping a woman make an internal shift from one role to another.

That shift is of seismic proportions!

It automatically brings up every emotion you’re capable of having, and those feelings are probably amplified. Our culture is so focused on the Special Day that the internal shift is often ignored.

The bride is the center of attention, but the irony of it is, her emotional self can be ignored. As she makes the shift from “me” to “we” the feelings that come up can end up being projected onto the details of the wedding.

What does that mean?

If you can’t have the kind of flowers you wanted, you feel emotionally overwhelmed – that may stem from the grief, or other feelings you’re encountering inside. Grief! Yes, grief. Whenever we make an internal shift, we lose something and we gain something. At a wedding, you lose being able to be only “you.” From then on, you will be an essential partner focused on “we.” Your old life is essentially dying as a new life takes root.

If you can’t have your wedding in the place you wanted, you may feel angry – that can come up as a result of feeling powerless inside. Powerless! Yes, powerless. Again, from now on, you won’t be in total control in terms of the choices you make in life. There will be a “we” to consider.

If your dress isn’t exactly the way you wanted it to be, you may dissolve into tears – tears can come up because you’re suddenly feeling small and uncertain with a low self-esteem. At any given moment, the child inside you may not be ready to leave home.

Emotions and weddings go together. That’s a given. Almost every bride (and groom!) feels very emotional at some time during the process.

There are lots of people who can help you with the details of your wedding. Wedding coaches help you with your interior life that’s represented by your wedding.

You’ve probably been dreaming of this day since you were a little girl. The first thing you need to do is pull all of your ideas into one radiant vision!

Put away the pictures from all the magazines. Just for a while, put your wedding planner down. Leave behind all of the advice you’ve received from your relatives, friends and shop-owners.

Want we want to do here is make sure you’re clear about exactly what you want for yourself and your groom. Here is an exercise to help you focus on the aspects of your wedding that you would like to create:

Take a deep breath, and now another. In a moment, you’ll close your eyes. When you do, imagine exactly the way you want your wedding to feel. What does your special day feel like for you? Can you see yourself getting dressed? What do you feel like? Can you see yourself at the beginning of the ceremony? How does that feel? Can you see your groom waiting for you? How are you feeling now? As you walk up to be with him, how are you feeling now? As you go through your ceremony, how does that feel?

Take a few moments, and imagine your wedding day from the very beginning until the very end. When you’re through, write down what came to you.

Good job! Were there any surprises?

If you imagined yourself beautiful and relaxed, radiant and in love, you’re very lucky. But many people can’t see a vision at all. Or they see themselves as fearful and anxious.

It’s important to envision your wedding as you would like it, with joy and love, then take a deep breath and relax.

The rite of passage has already begun, so enjoy the journey!


When planning marriage:

  • Make sure you are both on the same track
  • Start thinking of ‘we’ not just me
  • Everything doesn’t have to be perfect
  • Have a spirit of play and joy
  • Emotions and your wedding go together – be aware of internal emotions through the transition
  • Imagine your dream wedding