The Wonderful Realm of the Wedding Cake

In today’s world there are just so many different options and choices available to us. We can get a hold of people by traditional phone, smart phone, regular cell phone, email, or regular mail. If we want to get somewhere we can drive a car, ride a bike, take a bus, or stroll along. Given all the various options available to us today, it’s only natural that this variety should work its way into one of our most cherished and honored traditions…that of the wedding cake. Selecting the flavor of the cake and the color of the icing is just getting started with the process. You will also need to take some time to choose the best wedding cake topper for your special cake. In this article we will be exploring the realm of the wedding cake. We will be providing some background details on the tradition, and eventually working on up to the selection process of the perfect topper for that very special wedding cake.

The wedding cake is often proudly and strategically placed during the wedding reception. Often towering way up into the heavens, it can compete with the bride as the “center of attention” on her big day. This delicious work of art establishes a focal point that the other aspects of the reception can revolve around. For those who prefer a flare for the dramatic, the wedding cake can be wheeled into the room at the end of the reception, providing a “grand entrance” for everyone to see. To many people this grand entrance will perhaps trigger memories of the bride who walked down the aisle earlier in the day.

For Starters

The wedding cake has evolved over the years. Starting off as a simple symbol of fertility, it has transformed itself into an artistic tradition that can have many different artistic interpretations. For many ancient peoples wheat was a symbol of fertility and a bountiful harvest. The Ancient Romans used to throw grains of wheat at the bride and groom to “wish fertility” to the new couple during their wedding. This custom eventually evolved into bringing little cakes made from wheat to the wedding banquet itself. People would then crumble this cake over the head of the bride to wish the happy couple “many children”. The guests would then eat the fallen crumbs as a symbol of sharing in the couple’s good fortune.

Many think that this “crumbling of the cake” over the bride’s head may have evolved into another wedding day tradition? Do you know what it is? In order to protect the hapless bride from the wheat shower that is to come, bridesmaids draped a cloth over her head before the “crumbling tradition” took place. Many believe that this simple cloth evolved into the wedding veil of today.

Welcome The Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages buns or sweet rolls had replaced the original wheat cakes, but it was still very customary for guests to bring these tasty treats to the wedding. Placed in a huge pile between the bride and groom, if the happy couple was able to kiss over this huge stack of wheat, it was believed that they would be blessed with many children.

It is commonly believed that the next step in the evolution of the traditional cake was performed by a French pastry chef during the 17th century. During a trip to London he happened to observe this “cake piling” ceremony. Upon his return to France he dusted the stack of buns with sugar, and thereby “cemented” them together into one tasty art form. This was to become the first rendition of the tiered and frosted wedding cake, and a forerunner as to what was to come in the years ahead.

The Classic Style

Are you familiar with the classic style of the modern day wedding cake? You know, the one with the distinctive design of smaller tiers as the cake builds vertically? It is believed that this model was inspired by the spire of the 14th century Saint Bride’s church in London. How’s that for a bit of trivia for you?

Victorian England has brought us many of today’s valued wedding traditions. For example, Queen Victoria herself is said to have had a cake that weighed in at 300 lbs. As confectioners and bakers became more daring and skillful, their creations became even more daring and elaborate. When England’s Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were married back in 1947, their wedding cake weighed in at a whopping 500 lbs, and was 9 feet tall.

The Version of Today

In today’s world the elaborate wedding cake is no longer reserved for the rich and famous. Every couple can share in the tradition of having a wedding cake added to their big day. The wedding cake specialists of today’s world have taken their art to towering heights (pardon the pun). Long gone are those bland days when you were limited to a white cake with white frosting. Although a white cake will probably always be the most popular due to its traditional meaning, today’s couple is limited only by the limits of their imagination (and budget) when it comes to their wedding cake.

Why White?

White is definitely the color of a wedding, but did you know that there is another reason why the white is the customary color of a wedding cake? Back in Victorian times the finer ingredients of a wedding cake were scarce and hard to come by. If the cake had a white icing, this revealed the fact that only the best and most expensive white sugar was being used. Brown sugar was much more common, and therefore much less expensive. So, the more white the cake, the richer the people.

Be Sure To Plan Ahead

Don’t leave your special wedding cake until the last minute. This is one of the most important things that you can remember. Whether you choose the baker down the road, a talented family member, or a pastry chef who specializes in these tasty masterpieces, if you plan well in advance you will be able to handle whatever obstacles might come your way. Some bakers require only a minimum notice, while many bakers are booked far in advance. It’s a shame to have that perfect cake of your dreams be “cancelled” due to the fact you cannot allocate a baker’s time.

What’s that you say? You have no idea who will be baking your wedding cake? If you don’t have a particular baker in mind, you have a bit of homework ahead of you. Shop around and get some good recommendations from family and friends. Browse the yellow pages and the internet as they are both valuable informational resources. If you happen to be surfing the web you will see that many bakers today are posting photos of some of their masterpieces. As a sort of masterpiece cake gallery, they showcase what they are capable of producing. This will jog your imagination as to what you would like your own wedding cake to look like.

Don’t Forget Your Budget

Be sure to consider your budget before you let your imagination get the better of you. You want your wedding day to be one of celebration, not the day that you started your journey into financial disaster. Many people are surprised at the cost of a wedding cake. Keep in mind that you are asking an artisan to create a masterpiece for you, and this can often be reflected in the price that he/she will be charging. The cost of labor is often the largest expense in the creation of a wedding cake but keep in mind the simple fact that fondant is more expensive than buttercream.

Have you thought about staging your masterpiece? This comes next. Be sure to take the wedding cake stand into consideration during your planning phase. While some cakes can be simply placed on flat boards that will not be seen by the general public, others are elaborately displayed on beautiful stands for everyone to see. Keep in mind the simple fact that actual size of the cake table must be in proportion to the actual size of your cake. A table that is too small will make the cake look way too big, while a table that is too large will make it look like a tiny cupcake. And before we forget, your cake table will need a beautiful covering to compliment its strategic location at the wedding reception. Oh, don’t forget the cake knife and cake server. There needs to be a place on the table for these two items as well.

The Topper

The topper “tops off” your special wedding cake. The “wedding cake topper” is the name for the elegant decoration or figure that sits atop a wedding cake. While it is true that some couples prefer to have the simple style of an unadorned cake, many prefer to have that final “crowning touch”, the wedding cake topper, sitting on top of the upper layer of the cake. In today’s world the simple plastic “bride and groom” of yesteryear has more likely been replaced by the classic porcelain figurine of today.

So what types of wedding cake toppers are available to us today? We’re glad you asked. Many different types of figures are available. They range from the classic poses to figurines depicting some of the potentially “humorous” aspects of the wedding. For example, a bride dragging the hapless groom back to the altar. Personalized wedding cake toppers are also popular these days, while niche toppers such as a “marine marriage” have their place as well.

In Conclusion

There is only so much detail that one can go into in a simple article, and we have much more to say and relay. If you would like to learn more about wedding cakes, and wedding cake toppers to be more specific, please come and visit us on our blog.

Elegant Wedding Favors

Attractive, unique and elegant wedding favors usually make wedding ceremonies unforgettable to the guests. Unique wedding favors may be an inexpensive and elegant way of showing thanks and love to the guests who had attended this special event. Wedding favors are part of the celebrations and these are gestures of appreciation.

Wedding favors has become a flourishing business which can be limited only by imagination and creativeness. Elegant wedding favors can be made by simply combining one of the likes or hobbies of couples along with elegant packaging. Customizing the wedding favor is the best way to make an elegant wedding favor. This type of wedding favor shows an extra care towards the guests that in turn add to the elegance of the special occasion. Most of the distributors of the wedding favors specialize in the uniqueness and elegance of their wedding favors. There are different types of elegant wedding favors available such as all occasion gifts, decorative candles, charms, placecard holders, unique favor boxes and packaging, nautical wedding favors, botanical garden wedding favors, vineyard wedding favors and signature line wedding favor boxes. Creation of imaginative labels for the ordinary food items can make interesting wedding favors of every day use.

The selection of a wedding favor is one of the most enjoyable parts of planning a wedding. Couples need to consider many things while selecting an elegant wedding favor. They need to keep the wedding favors within their budget as well as elegant enough to honor the entire guests. The trends of wedding favors usually vary each year and the couples need to ensure that their wedding favors are not out of fashion.

Elegant wedding favors usually provide wide possibilities for a couple to express their gratitude to their guests who were present for the great occasion. The selection of inexpensive wedding favors with quality and elegance will be the order of the day. The choice of these gifts may also vary according to the culture, interest, wealth, imagination and theme of the wedding. Couples are tempted to select elegant wedding favors that can be enjoyed long after the wedding day and which can be treasured by their guests.

What Makes the Perfect Wedding Venue? The 8 Factors to Consider Before You Book

If you’re a bride and groom starting on your search for a wedding venue, your focus will undoubtedly be on finding somewhere that’s beautiful, elegant and even magical. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, this will be the happiest day of your life.

But while these are all very important, your decision shouldn’t be solely based on them. Being practical may not sound romantic, but imagine planning a different type of event – something not of a romantic nature – and pushing back budget, number of guests and facilities as secondary thoughts. It won’t end in a smoothly-run event.

With that in mind, here are eight of the most important factors to consider before you book your wedding venue:

One – Is the decor to your taste?

Does it fit what you had in mind for flowers and wedding colours? There’s nothing worse than bridesmaids that blends in to the wallpaper or having to spend a fortune just to make the place look right.

Two – Consider the time of year

Some venues look better in the summer, while others are better suited to winter weddings. It may seem like a small consideration now, but on the big day you want a venue that looks just how you imagined it.

Three – Is the hotel to your liking?

Good news, ladies. A wedding isn’t just for one day. In reality, your wedding lasts a few days, especially if you’re hoping to stay at the venue before the big day or on the night itself. If that’s the case you’ll want a venue that not only meets your expectations for the day, but also as a luxury hotel that befits the occasion.

Four – Does the venue provide a wedding planner?

Many wedding venues are affiliated with or provide a wedding planning service. This means you can have someone help realise your wedding day dream from start to finish, rather than taking it all on your shoulders.

Five – Do they have in-house catering?

Using an in-house cater can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it could prove to be the most-effective solution to feeding your guests. But before you book, make sure you’re happy with the food. In other words, ask to taste it first! If you choose to go elsewhere for the food, check that your venue doesn’t have any restrictions in place on who you go with.

Six – Think about photos

A venue with luxurious grounds will lend itself particularly well to beautiful photography. Look around at the scenery, as well as the building itself, and you’ll get a feel for how your wedding memories will look in photographic form.

Seven – How many people are coming?

Not everyone wants a big wedding, so you may be better off finding somewhere more intimate than many of the larger venues on offer. Likewise, if you do want a large and lavish affair, make sure the venue has room for everyone. Asking your Great Aunt if she minds eating in an adjoining room won’t go down well!

Eight – What’s your budget?

They say every girl has imagined her wedding day many times – even before she’s met her husband to be – so expectations are usually very high for the venue. It’s important to be respectful of your budget, but remember that few aspects of the big day will be as important as the location. You may have to prioritise.

In the end, what makes the perfect wedding venue is completely subjective. But make sure it ticks all the boxes for what you need – even the practical boxes – before booking up.

Marking the Big Day For Your Virginia Wedding

Probably everyone’s dream here on earth is to mark their wedding in the most unique, if not perfect way or place in the world possible. This is one dream that always brings those in love together in the most memorable ways they can ever live to remember or imagine. You probably have your big day coming up, just around the corner, but you still lack a well laid up strategy on where exactly you wish to mark the day and in the most affordable but unique ways ever? Well, look no further, for Virginia is just exact place to honor this day in a way you can only live to remember best.

A Virginia Wedding for instance provides quite a variety of affordable but exhilarating wedding encounters you’ll ever live to treasure into many years of your lives together as a couple. It gives you the feeling that your relationship has been reborn by the exquisiteness that surrounds the beautiful state of ‘The Mother of Presidents’ probably given the nickname because it’s the birthplace of record eight presidents of the U.S.

The state of Virginia offers a good number of wedding ingredients, ranging from suitable wedding locations to the best and affordable wedding planners, the most glamorous wedding outfits ever made, chauffeured vintage and classic wedding cars for hire, beautiful wedding locations and many more. It’s probably also among the most ideal honeymoon locations suitable for those who want to experience the beauty of nature soon after their wedding.

Virginia harbors the world’s longest pleasure beach known as Virginia Beach, even listed in Guinness Books of records for that. So you even get to taste a piece of history of no march anywhere else in the world. Many couples do prefer marking their unforgettable moments doing scuba diving, hot-air-ballooning or even roller coaster, fishing, motor boating and many other water oriented activities. You tend to get affordable rental water craft services too.

Nature is just but one of the attractive sceneries that a wedding planner can ever look into, when selecting a suitable outdoor Virginia wedding destination, honeymoon location or beautiful sites to tour soon after their wedding or probably during their honeymoon tour.

Imagine doing your wedding with the background of blue sky sea, with a cool breeze sweeping gently from the sea as you exchange your wedding vows much to the glee of your guests, facing you directly to the sea, as birds fly around dancing to your wedding hymns. To many of us it may look either as a scene clearly chipped out of one of those romantic Hollywood movies or just some crazy blunt imagination, probably from someone desperately out to give praise where it’s not even due.

But just wait until you get to Virginia and witness a Virginia wedding. Come and see this happen at Cape Henry, a cape on the Atlantic shore of Independent city of Virginia Beach. This is also one of the most ideal locations suitable especially for those who like to go out and adventure during their honeymoon tour. So, if a truly unique wedding experience is what you dream of, look no further than some of the multiple options Virginia has to offer.

Of Vineyards and Dream Weddings: Napa Valley Wedding Venues

Many women who want to get married have notions of a dream wedding with their version of a prince charming. They imagine it to be the grandest and most memorable event in their life, carrying all the elements of a fairy tale romance. The mere thought of it, in fact, could sometimes make their hearts beat faster.

Though not always, dreams can also translate well into reality if one puts his heart and mind into it. And because a wedding make for an unforgettable event, it’s very important to see to its planning and coordination. How it is conducted could set the tone for the honeymoon later on and, more importantly, for the couple’s married life.

One of the most pressing decisions couples make is the venue of the ceremony. For the religious and tradition bound, there would be no other option but inside a church or another place of worship. Most couples nowadays, however, do not limit their choices for the wedding venue; they just let their imagination lead them to the most suitable choice.

Some would choose a garden setting or a sunset wedding on a beach for added romance. Others would opt for a mountain resort wedding, and the more daring get married while skydiving. No wedding venue is impossible for those with the wildest imaginations and who are not constrained by customs.

In the US, one of the most popular venues for weddings is the Napa Valley in California. It is located north of the San Francisco Bay area, famous for some of its breathtaking views including vineyards and wineries and luxurious resorts. Some of the popular wedding venues in Napa Valley include the Beaulieu Garden, the Carneros Inn, and the Meadowood Resort. Each venue offers a unique charm and ambience for a memorable wedding ceremony.

Napa Valley wedding venues provide the couple and their guests an environment that captures their romantic moods to the fullest. For example, at the Beaulieu Garden, the bridal entourage will enter a long tree-lined driveway to an estate with sunken gardens, a swimming pool, and a trellised dining area. On the other hand, the Carneros Inn has been voted as one of the Top 25 Romantic Getaways in the World by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

Many wedding venues in Napa Valley CA can be used to suit whichever theme the couples choose for the ceremony. If you want a wedding based on another era, or culture-based theme, or whichever motif you may want, these venues can provide the setting. For more information on organizing a wedding, you may visit